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in a reading the magician tells you have all the elements - fire, air, water & earth - at your disposal to make magic in your life...


plus you get a funky hat with wings!






Along with being a fabulous sewer and famous entertainer, my mother Jeanne Little also had a special gift – tea cup reading.


In addition to sewing this was a skill she'd learnt from her Scottish mother who would whip up a homemade cake at the drop of a hat to serve to guests in the parlour – a large wedge of cake hot out of the oven, washed down with huge cups of tea, always the stimulus to great conversation!


And as the tea cups were drained and the conversation quietened a little in readiness for what was about to come next, Nan, and later my mother, would give the instructions –

“Drink as much of the tea as you can, strain it through your teeth, that’s it! Now tip the cup upside down into the saucer, good! And turn it three times anti-clockwise with your left hand.”


Like splitting the tarot deck three times with your left hand, in magical traditions using the left hand symbolised tapping into the unconscious, and three was a magical number – everyone from holy trinity Christians to three-fold path Buddhists, to De La Soul could tell you that.


“Now, tell me something good Jeanne!” Mum’s guests might say as she picked up their cup to peer inside.


The basics of tea cup reading are simple – you can try it yourself! Look for pictures, symbols and letters in the leaves, if they’re near the handle it means close to the home. The rim is the present, the bottom the future. A small cluster of leaves is a parcel of money, leaves dotted in a line means a holiday, four dots in a square shape, property, and so on.


But even with all this knowledge, tea leaves to me looked stubbornly like blobs.


I needed a party trick of my own and settled on a deck of beautiful tarot cards to begin my journey of fortune-telling. Mum was terrified of them, which I found amusing but also a little hurtful. Why should one form of divination be less acceptable than another I wondered?


Over the years I continue to be surprised at people’s attitudes towards the cards. I’m always excited at the prospect of doing a reading – it’s like jumping straight into a deep and meaningful with your best friend!


The discussions had range from career prospects and money, to future plans and ambitions, we talk about relationships with those living and past, frustrations, desires, influences and fears.


Some readings are small and specific, others zoom out as if to muse over a person’s soul journey - a chapter in a book of lifetimes, and every reading is as unique and beautiful as observing a star in a galaxy far, far, away…


And each time I do readings I remember something I once read, probably silly but also profoundly lovely, that the human incarnation is one of the most highly prized experiences in our universe. Every person a fascinating kaleidoscope of predispositions, lived experience and hope, each moment infused with meaning and limitless opportunities for reinvention, and every reading provides a glimpse of a person, a window into the eyes of the soul.


If you'd like to find out more about my tarot & numerology readings, please pm me via facebook or twitter!

mum dressed up as a witch for one of my legendary birthday parties - she was so scary looking the little girls didn't want to come inside!

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