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Saturday , 1st deceMBER 2018


I've been thinking this week how in order to make it in this world, (whatever "it" is?), you need to be relentless.


I'm not by nature a relentless person, I'm more of a free spirit, I struggle with details and have a tendency like most creatives to procrastinate. My one virtue I suppose is that I'm passionate, and once I've made up my mind, pretty bloody determined. I must be, or I wouldn't finally have a book under my belt!

suggested soundtrack for this blog 'dreamwave - instrumental'' by tiny ruins.

I've been joking I'm planning on getting a full tattoo sleeve that says 'PUBLISHED' – seriously, I can die happy now!This week I listened to a podcast of Russell Brand interviewing Marianne Williamson, an American writer and spiritual teacher who has written twelve books, including four New York Times number one bestsellers – (can you hear the jealously seeping into my voice?) – and a line she said in the interview really jumped out at me:


'The problem is that hate hates with conviction, we have to learn to love with conviction'.


It's true! Hate has such power behind it, it is immediate and full of destructive energy. It feeds on fear and makes power and conviction ever more seductive. It's easy to jump into a broil on social media, to vehemently defend a cause to the death – of a political party, of the earth!


It's much harder to pause and listen – to trust in something a little deeper and more intuitive, to find an answer maybe not quite so obvious or immediately fulfilling – that is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of gentle strength.


When I was down at Dark Mofo last year I reviewed an act called Tiny Ruins, two female guitarists, a bass player and a folk style singer by the name of Hollie Fullbrook who had been 'discovered' by David Lynch. I enjoyed her music even though it was not a style I usually listened to. Her lyrics were poetic, her voice breathy singing simple pretty melodies. She was a nervous performer, her voice quivered and it took a few songs before she relaxed into the gig and laughed at her nerves.


It struck me how wonderful it was for someone to have noticed something delicate and not sought to domineer and 'develop' it, but just encourage its own uniqueness... It made me happy and hopeful that perhaps others with voices not so loud could also be heard and appreciated.


Mulling over these thoughts has got me thinking again about my own journey – the extroverted introvert given the task of following in the footsteps of a person many describe as an icon or a saint... It's a tough act to follow!


The full title of my book is 'Catch A Falling Star, A Story About Growing Up'. I had to learn to grow up through a messy adolescence and then when Mum got sick, I had to learn to grow up all over again. Sometimes I feel like my whole life has just been learning how to not make a mess of things!


But the older I get the more I realise at least that it's not just me – that everyone is making shit up as they go along! Some people are just naturally better at bluffing their way through a hand than others, and some lucky people like mum just always find it easier to laugh. So maybe the doubt will never go away, and that's okay, maybe the doubt is just part of my own frail beauty.

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