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on air - talking about catch a falling star


sunday , 21st october 2018



This week I have absolutely loved chatting with radio stations all around the country - I've been asked all kinds of fun questions! So you don't even have to read - you can just press play and listen.


Growing Up with Jeanne Little...


Music Attribution: 'Warm Up Suit' by Broke For Free.

Sharing a Townhouse with Marcia Hines...


Music Attribution: 'Boston Landing' by Blue Dot Sessions.

Music Attribution: 'Warm Up Suit' by Broke For Free.

How Did Jeanne Little Learn To Sew?

Loosing Mum to Alzheimer's...


Music Attribution: 'Nap Time' by Blue Dot Sessions.

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'Catch A Falling Star'
A Story About Growing Up
with Jeanne Little

is going into a second print run!


It's very exciting for me, but frustrating for you -
my sincerest apologies! xx

I'll be offering signed copies here on this website as soon as possible - so please stay tuned & follow the Catch A Falling Star Facebook page for updates.


Thank you so much for supporting my
crazy dream to be a writer in the digital age!

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