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Saturday , 28TH OCTOBER 2018


My life has always, from time to time, gotten mad.
It's the business – of show business.


I've grown up inside it, so to me it's normal, but I can understand how it could do some people's heads in. Weeks go by, months, sometimes years, toiling to make something you love, whether that's acting, directing, writing... and nothing may come of it.


You have to have ambition to keep driving for success, you need ego to keep believing in yourself, and you need to be selfish to keep prioritising that thing above everything else, even when it seems like madness –

it took me a long time to learn I had to be selfish.

suggested soundtrack for this blog 'looking for revenge'.

So you work at it, you build a tower and you wait. You wait for the final unpredictable element, a lightening bolt that may or may not strike, the crack-cocaine of gambler's fantasies – luck.


Luck does strange things to people. When it hits it lights up endorphins with the sweet elixir of success. It's addictive, and unreliable. And hopefully you enjoy the work you do, because when the champagne's gone flat, it will be time to return to it. For me, it's writing – I love writing.


Mum's advice to me was always 'follow your heart and the money will follow'.

I'd like to be able to tell her I took her advice, and ask her if she has any tips to hurry the money bit along...


Mum was blessed with luck, she lived the dream many of us aspire to which is to do the thing you love and get paid for it.


And so I'm hoping a little of her luck will rub off on me, and it feels like it might because there's a buzz in the air – the electrical intensity that comes before lightening strikes.








This week someone who interviewed me about my book asked me off air what I'd done with my life and I stumbled to answer... I'd tried a bit of DJing, I'd become a graphic designer, I'd started a business which was slowly being engulfed by the internet... none of it sounded very impressive.


The conversation bugged me. I thought it over, there were so many things I was proud of in my life that I hadn't thought to say – I'd been raising three great children and created a home. I'd worked to support myself and my family. I'd helped my parents when they needed help.


And now finally, after eight years working on Catch A Falling Star, I'd realised my life-long dream of being a published writer.


I was so excited about the book I'd said, because finally I was talking about my achievement and what I wanted to be known for, not talking again only of the things my mother had done with her life.


'But you've written a book, about her,' the person said, taking all the wind from my sails.


Once again I was the child who stood beside my mother's legs at functions and charities, so many, many times, the child who was always waiting patiently for her turn to speak.


It is going to take a lot to train this upbringing out of me. I should have spoken up I thought later, angry with myself, I should have said – 'Actually, no, my book is a story about me, about my life and obviously my mother being a very interesting person and having a huge influence on me, as parents do, is a big part of what I've created.'


It's up to the media what they choose to ask me about, most stick to the well-worn script about Mum,
but a few have surprised me by saying they've read the book or my blog. It takes me by surprise every time when the script changes and I'm asked a new, genuinely interesting question, when I'm allowed to expand my answers on the big subjects I'm passionate about.


I did the interview and as I was leaving said I was hoping the book would be a success so I'd be able to write another one. The person paused and looked surprised, 'Oh, you've got more to say, do you?' he said.


I nodded.


I prodded the child.


'Yes I do,' I said, 'I'm only getting started.'


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'Catch A Falling Star'
A Story About Growing Up
with Jeanne Little

is going into a second print run!


It's very exciting for me, but frustrating for you -
my sincerest apologies! xx

I'll be offering signed copies here on this website as soon as possible - so please stay tuned & follow the Catch A Falling Star Facebook page for updates.


Thank you so much for supporting my
crazy dream to be a writer in the digital age!

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