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sunday , 20TH october 2018



I have absolutely loved chatting with radio stations all around the country - I've been asked all kinds of fun questions! So you don't even have to read - you can just press play and listen.


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I was thinking about Snow White. I was wondering if she was brought a breakfast tray when she was finally woken up from her long slumber in the glass case...


But then I remembered she was just a nubile virgin, innocent still of all the wonder and horror of life yet to come – and so she only got the kiss, no breakfast tray for her. No flower in a vase, no burnt toast and luke-warm cup of tea, just a kiss.


And why doesn't that surprise me – that the fairy tale ended there at the kiss?


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It’s really lousy how intrinsically linked self worth is to money.


I’m currently selling my time for a wage to support my family. I’m grateful for the job, it was hard to get one. I thought the job would ‘make ends meet’ til my book came out and I got my writing career off the ground.


I've since looked up the word 'career' in the dictionary - the definition never mentions money once. I should have looked the word up earlier.


Over the years I’ve jokingly warned friends interested in writing a book being a writer is like having a part-time job every day of your life that you don’t get paid for. I thought all that would change once I got a book published, but so far the joke is on me.


Maybe that’s why I’ve felt a little lost lately, because up until publishing I could keep the dream alive.
I had hope.


Faith, Hope and Love. If you had a privileged white education like me - heaven forbid - you probably heard that passage read out of the bible in assembly more times than you heard your parents say they love you.


Faith, Hope and Love… the story of three young virgins who were taken away in a van and strangled.


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poker face


Saturday , 1st deceMBER 2018


I've been thinking this week how in order to make it in this world, (whatever "it" is?), you need to be relentless.


I'm not by nature a relentless person, I'm more of a free spirit, I struggle with details and have a tendency like most creatives to procrastinate. My one virtue I suppose is that I'm passionate, and once I've made up my mind, pretty bloody determined. I must be, or I wouldn't finally have a book under my belt!

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My book 'Catch A Falling Star' is really starting some great conversations. Photo from Drayton House, Beresford Hall.

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Hey guys,

through to...

I'm keeping this one here though
'coz it's got some cool stuff!


If you're not familiar with what I do – I'm a black humour memoirist and blogger. I'm also a graphic artist and an outspoken loudmouth which in this day and age is called a comedian. You can find some links to a few stand-up gigs on the new site LittleFamily.LIVE.


Signed copies of 'Catch A Falling Star, A Story About Growing Up with Jeanne Little'  are available both here or there - both sites are active and I truly appreciate your support – it 'aint an easy gig being a writer in the digital age!

I've kept a diary my whole life, and started blogging on Blogspot before it was Blogger. This Muse site unfortunately was a huge pain in the ass to update with fresh stuff, the software sucked, which is why I had to move over to SquareSpace and a new domain. Apologies if there are a few burnt out links and dates on this old site while you're looking around!


I'm constantly writing and exploring new mediums to express my stuff. I'm also a stage mum and have a radically awesome family who you'll get intimately acquainted with in no time! Come meet me over in Facebook land too where I've built a great community, or Twitter where I try to look intelligent sometimes.

                                                                     Much Love!

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Mum turned 80 years old yesterday. She was a cool mum & I miss her unconventionality & optimistic attitude, her...

Posted by Katie Little on Friday, May 11, 2018
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with my mum Jeanne Little

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Saturday , 28TH OCTOBER 2018



My life has always, from time to time, gotten mad. It's the business – of show business.


I've grown up inside it, so to me it's normal, but I can understand how it could do some people's heads in. Weeks go by, months, sometimes years, toiling to make something you love, whether that's acting, directing, writing... and nothing may come of it.


You have to have ambition to keep driving for success, you need ego to keep believing in yourself, and you need to be selfish to keep prioritising that thing above everything else, even when it seems like madness –

it took me a long time to learn I had to be selfish.


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