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1. Catch A Falling Star’ is an ‘almost true’ memoir.


Let’s get real here - I certainly don’t have a photographic memory, I have trouble even remembering my postcode. There were certain parts of my life that stood out - the fun bits! - the scary bits! - the important bits! - that I really wanted to write about, I took these and wove them into an ‘almost true’ story. The end result of this I hope is a rollicking good read!


2. You don’t have to know who
Jeanne Little is to enjoy the book.


My mum was loud, naturally funny, glamorous, intelligent, hard-working, generous to a fault and extremely creative! Those who remember her will laugh at the memories I share in the book from page one - those who didn’t get to experience the lightening bolt of energy Jeanne Little was - the eyelashes, the voice, the ‘Oooooah Dahling!’ - I can't wait to share this precious piece of Aussie television history with you!


But I should point out, it’s not a book about my mum, it’s my story, complete with the fabulous cast of my friends and unconventional family.


3. The title Catch A Falling Star’ and chapter names are song titles.


Music is like a time machine - listen to a song and be transported back to the era it was recorded. The first half of the book, set in the late 60s, 70s and 80s have song titles like ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf and ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees - these songs are like a fun soundtrack to jolt you back into the memory of living in that time - the days of Betamax and Bob Hawke, before smart phones and breathalysers, when Big Macs came in styrofoam boxes and the only environmental crisis was a hole in the ozone.


Music is also important because it is one of the last things my mother recognised. The second half of the book is set in the present yet the chapter names become progressively older in the same way people living with dementia are often able to recall older memories yet become lost to the present moment.


4. The book is being released in September to coincide with National Dementia Awareness Month.


It’s not a depressing book, really! My original aim was to write a book about childhood and adolescence - writing about the mess of growing up excited me. It was the publisher who asked for “the ending with her mother getting sick” … It was a bit like being asked to sit in a corner and self-harm for six months! - but I knew ultimately this would make it a better book.


Mum was never afraid of discussing a hot topic and neither am I - the statistics are horrific:

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, the leading cause if you're female[1]. With so many families in crisis it astounds me that this epidemic goes largely unrecognised and underreported. I wanted to write the whole truth, what dementia is really like from ground zero and how it effects the whole family - the grief, the guilt, and how you have to learn to grow up all over again.


5. I really need your help!


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a writer - I’ve scribbled ideas and quotes into notebooks my whole life! The time has come to swallow my pride - I really need your help to make my book a success and prove:

Loads of people remember my mother
          Jeanne Little & love her to bits!

In the days of social media meltdown,
          people enjoy reading a good book!

And finally, that I’m worth supporting.
I'm really bloody tired of being thought of as just “Jeanne Little’s daughter” - I need your help to tell the establishment -
through reviews and book sales and talking to your local bookshop now!! - that I’m a great up-and-coming writer damn it with a family to support, who isn't just doing this as a hobby! 'Catch A Falling Star' is out through New Holland in September. Much Love xx


[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017) Causes of Death, Australia, 2016 (cat. no. 3303.0)


This is not the official cover... it's just one I made up for fun because i'm a graphic designer & i can ;-P


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