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Saturday , 29TH SEPTEMBER 2018


I forgot that it was my birthday this week. I hadn't even put it on the calendar - and I should have because it was a big one.


Not because it had an 0 at the end, but because I turned 44 – and according to Australian statistics that precious number marks the end of the age group when suicide is no longer the leading cause of death.1


For a deep-thinking, black-humoured creative like me that's a big deal.

suggested soundtrack for this blog 'FREEDOM IS A CONSTANT STRUGGLE'.

So on Thursday I expected to wake up without Kathy Bates in my head. The battle with the White Walkers of anxiety and insomnia would be over. I would stop incessantly comparing myself to impossible standards. I would just be me, and when I looked in the mirror I would have no sins to forgive and I would like what I saw. I would sing Happy Birthday, and mean it.


On Thursday when I woke up, after 44 years of being alive, I would stop being afraid of myself.



For Justin, Michael, Will & Auntie Monnie,
all braver souls than I.


1. Australian Government Institute for Health and Wealthfare.
Leading underlying causes of death, by age group 2014-2016.

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