Real stories from Australia's craziest family.

KATIE M LITTLE Writer, comedian, stage mother.


Her writing has a distinctly sarcastic bent, likened to Aussie satire legend Clive James.


She has appeared on numerous TV shows including Studio 10,  The Morning Show, Daily Edition, This Is Your Life & Today Tonight.

Published in internationally acclaimed magazine Adbusters, Yours, Child Magazine, Living Now, and Hive.

"Similar to my own thinking!" - Daniel Pinchbeck.


The memoir Catch A Falling Star - A Story About Growing Up with Jeanne Little'

out now, published by New Holland Publishing.



JeANNE LITTLE ('ninny' to her grandchildren) australian television icon


Jeanne Little and her trademark exclamation 'Ooooooah Dahling!' was a hallmark of growing up in 80s Australia.


She was awarded a Gold Logie in 1976 for her appearances on The Mike Walsh Show, received several Silver Logies and later an Order Of Australia for her tireless charity work. A brilliant sewer, Jeanne often surprised audiences with original creations made of the most unlikely materials, such as the phenomenally successful Glad Bag competition made of plastic garbage bags (see photo).


Jeanne remains one of Australia's most memorable and beloved celebrities, her trademark voice now tragically silenced by Alzheimer's. Contribute to the Jeanne Little Alzheimer's Research Fund here.





Katie's husband of many years, Timothy's adrenaline-fueled passions have included DJing at 90s warehouse parties, car racing and most recently with the creation of his business One Of A Kind Photography Adventures, travelling to all corners of the globe from Japan to Patagonia to Antarctica, camping in snow and trekking through remote wilderness with intrepid travellers in tow.


He has received numerous international awards including the Epson International Pano Award and International Aperture

and has had covers and features in magazines including Masterclass Photography, Digital Camera, Digital Photo and DSLR Camera.





the kids: Tom Poulton, la la & hunter


Tom Poulton loves computer games, dancing "the floss" and "the worm" and... acting!

His most well-known roles include the part of Max Meagher, the youngest, cheeky child in Peter Duncan's brilliant series RAKE.

He has also appeared in Mad Max Fury Road, A Place To Call Home, Puberty Blues and a string of TVCs.


La La loves drawing, playing guitar and like her grandmother... dressing up!

She has appeared in TVCs for Bernardos and Tip Top.


Hunter might be small but he's no pushover. When a little friend at preschool told him

God made the world, Hunter corrected him and said, 'Actually no, most of it's made in China'.


bar bar


Patriarch Barry Little, now known as Bar Bar, is still as stubborn and fiesty at the age of 88 as he ever was.


Shown here devouring a Big Mac after being broken out of hospital by his daughter, Bar Bar is now confined to the same nursing home as his wife Jeanne, where he has discovered a surprising knack for Bingo. Begrudgingly he shares his chocolate treat winnings with his grandchildren.

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